50th Anniversary Apollo Landing Mug

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This 50th anniversary mug celebrates the first landing of mankind on the moon July 20th, 2019 with beautiful imagery and text and stunning color. This mug is a real stand out, on its own right, but add the 50th anniversary message to it and you have something to show off.

Created by NASA graphic artist Matthew Skeins, the logo offers a nod to the past with a few elements borrowed from the original program emblem, and a glimpse into the future with a graphic depiction of NASA’s vision for the next half-century of deep space exploration.

The arc through the word “Apollo” represents Earth’s limb, or horizon, as seen from a spacecraft. It serves as a reminder of how the first views of Earth from the Moon – one of NASA’s crowning achievements -- forever transformed the way we see ourselves as human beings. It also affirms NASA’s intention to continue pushing the boundaries of knowledge and delivering on the promise of American ingenuity and leadership in space.


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