Memphis Belle Romilly-sur-Seine, France: Belle's 5th mission

Memphis Belle was the first Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress to complete 25 missions over Nazi targets and return to the United States.  This print by T Weddel depicts mission 5 over Romilly-sur-Seine, France. Signed by;

Capt. Robert K. Morgan – Pilot

Capt. James A Verinis – Co-Pilot

Peggy Evans – family of Capt. Vincent B. Evans – Bombardier

T/Sgt. Harold P. Loch – Top Turret Gunner

S/Sgt. Clarence, C.E. “Bill” Winchell – Left Waist Gunner

Gary Scott – family of S/Sgt. Cecil H. Scott – Ball Turret Gunner

M/Sgt. Joseph M. Giambrone – Crew Chief

Capt. Charles B. "C.B." Leighton – Navigator

T/Sgt. Robert J. Hanson – Radio Operator

S/Sgt. Casimer A. "Cass" Nastal – Right Waist Gunner

S/Sgt. John P. Quilan – Tail Gunner

Miss Margaret Polk – The Memphis Belle




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Need to elaborate....Review by Vince
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Description indicates "Autographed". Should advise exactly who autographed print...Artist ? Crew ? Others (Crew family) ? Also indicate print number. Originally there was a limited edition of this print of 1,000 signed by artist, crew and family of deceased crew members. If your offering is from this limited edition, it's a bargain price. If the offering is from a reprint issue signed only by the artist, a buyer should be so advised. (Posted on 3/1/2018)

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