At All Costs

Because of his leadership skills and technical expertise, Dick Etchberger volunteered in 1967 for a Top Secret CIA mission during the Vietnam War at Lima Site 85 in Laos.
While most of his crew lay dead or wounded, he gallantly held off the advancing enemy while helping his comrades escape onto a hovering rescue helicopter only to be fatally wounded by enemy ground fire after he had made it safely aboard the helicopter. For his actions, he was posthumously awarded the Air Force Cross in a private Pentagon Ceremony.

Why was his family told he had died in a helicopter accident?

Why did his wife, Catherine, not tell her own sons what really happened until 18 years after his death?

Why did it take 42 years for his heroic actions to be finally recognized by the United States government with the Medal of Honor?

The full account of Chief Etchberger's life, Air Force career, and extraordinary heroism are all documented in the compelling book, At All Costs, by author Matt Proietti.

Hard Cover
160 Pages
By matt Proietti

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