Sergeant Stubby

In this inspiring, All-American story, author Ann Bausum brings back to life one of the most celebrated dogs of the 20th century - Stubby. Bausum sifts facts from legend to revive the true adventures of a seemingly average, stump-tailed terrier turned national icon and World War I hero. After Stubby befriends Pvt. James Robert Conroy, the pair become inseperable as they embark on a journey carrying them across an ocean, into the trenches of France with the Yankee Division, and onto the path of history. Stubby's transformation from stray to stowaway to star reminds readers of the magic that can happen when a bond forms between a human and a dog.
This definitive biography of Stubby benefits from exhaustive research that restores fractured story threads; unearths unpublished photographs; and reconnects Stubby, now on display at the Smithsonian, with Conroy's descendants. Stirring, humorous, heartwarming, and unbelievably true - Stubby's story is an inspiring read for everyone. Softcover. 239 pages.  By Ann Bausum

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