The Restorers 10-Year Anniversary DVD

Many antique aircraft perform at today's airshows and races worldwide. How did those aircraft get there? How did they survive all these years?
Warbird and vintage aircraft restorers resurrect planes from the graves of history. Their works often haven't flown in over 75 years and are in the worst of conditions. Aircraft restorers come from a wide spectrum - from the everyday guy who is rebuilding a biplane in his garage, to a corporation that specializes in warbird reconstruction. What type of person does it take to sink in sometimes millions of dollars and years of their life into a plane that may be just a footnote in histor? The Restorers will find out.
For this 10th Anniversary Edition, a new sound mix was created to accompany the HD transfer of our original negative. See (and hear) this aviation classic again...for the very first time.

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