Legacy Of Courage Volume 2

Come along on an Honor Flight and hear the thrilling stories of combat, service and sacrifice from the American veterans who fought in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Iraq. Find out what it was like to parachute into Normandy on D-Day, endure the bone-chilling cold of the “Frozen Chosen” at the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir in Korea, slog through the steaming jungles of Vietnam, haul supplies through ambushes in Iraq, and nurse the wounded at MASH Units near the front lines. Women also served at home and overseas, and their experiences are brought to life as they share their adventures on the first All-Women Honor Flight in America. Meet the WASP pilots who ferried fighter planes to airbases during World War II and the WACs, WAVEs and women Marines who followed their brothers and husbands to enlist and serve their country. Share the poignant and touching last letters home from men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Learn real American history from the people who were there. These true stories of our American veterans are a national treasure that should be passed like the torch of freedom to all future generations. Each book that is purchased helps send more veterans to their stirring memorials in Washington D.C. while they are still able. Climb aboard and come along for the experience of a lifetime.

By Cheryl Popp & Peter Bronson
Soft Cover
283 Pages

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