Warrior Pups

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Warrior Pups tells the inside story of how America transforms a select group of puppies into highly skilled canine anti-terrorists. Author Jeff Kamen was granted unprecedented access to the high security facilities at Lackland Air Force Base where the US military breeds and trains the dogs that are helping America win the global life-or-death struggle against terror. Warrior Pups takes readers into the K9 maternity suite where the pups are born, the loving foster homes where they are raised, and the training spaces where their natural abilities are molded and honed. In addition, Kamen profiles the exceptional dog handlers and trainers from all branches of the military who are deeply committed to making the US Military Working Dog program the best of its kind. It requires enormous courage to walk behind a dog into the hidden enemy‚Äôs crosshairs. The only way the handlers can summon that kind of daily heroism is faith in the rock solid abilities of their warrior pups.  By Jeff Kamen with Leslie Stone-Kamen.  Hardcover. 170 pages.


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