Fifinella Plush

Gremlins, the mischievous mythical creatures, were often jokingly blamed for mechanical issues and mishaps by RAF pilots during WWII. Roald Dahl, while serving in the RAF, wrote a story about these gremlins, wihch Walt Disney later attempted to make into a film. In Dahl's book, the gremlins' motivation for sabotaging British aircraft is revenge for the destruction of their forest home, which was destroyed to make room for an aircraft factory. The principal character in the book, Gus, has his Hawker Hurricane fighter destroyed over the English Channel by a gremlin, but is able to convince the gremlins as they parachute into the water that they should join forces against a common enemy, Hitler and the Nazis, rather than fight each other. Female gremlins were know as Fifinellas, and the Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII used the Fifinella image as their official mascot.

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