Jeep COBI Construction Set

In this set there is a military Jeep with a trailer and pontoon. The vehicle is heavily equipped – there is a fire extinguisher, shovel, box with tools and an American flag. Aerial bombs and dynamite can also be transported. The support for the vehicle is a fast moving unit, a pontoon powered by two engines, armed with a Browning M2 machine gun. The set includes two figures with prints precisely reflecting uniforms of soldiers serving in Shore Patrol.

-180 blocks
-2 figures – Shore Patrol soldiers
-Bodywork with pad printing
-A sheet of stickers
-Easy to follow instruction manual
-Compatible with other leading brands of construction blocks
-Model dimensions (length x width x height): jeep with trailer: 250mm x 60mm x  105mm; pontoon: 180mm x 65mm x 45mm


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