Q. Does the web address store.airforcemuseum.com still work?

 Yes, the web address will continue to be store.airforcemuseum.com.

Q. Why the website change?

The new website is an upgrade to the prior site. YES it does LOOK different and requires that you create an account, but once you have created a new account and get used to the new website you should find it much more user friendly.

Q. I already have login credentials to your website.  Why don’t they work on the new website?

A. The new website is built on different technology from the retired website.  For security reasons, we cannot “recycle” your login credentials from the retired website.  You’ll need to set up a login on the new website by filling out the form under Account in the top right corner of the homepage.  You can sign up with the same username and password that you used on our previous website.

Q. How do I manage my profile?

Once you are logged in, click Account in the upper right hand of the browser. Here you can view your information, edit mailing and billing addresses, newsletter subscriptions, and your wish list.

Q. How do I find a history of my past orders?

If the order was placed on this new website, log on to your account, and then click “My Orders” in the left side bar menu. If you need history from the prior site you will need to send your request to gifts@afmuseum.com

Q. I don’t see any of my questions here, who do I contact?

gifts@afmuseum.com or 937-256-6245