U.S. Military Camo Stockings

The Air Force stocking is crafted from the Air Force "tiger stripe" ABU uniform fabric and trimmed in scarlet piping. The pocket on the front features an embroidered F-16 Fighting Falcon. The combination of the ABU tiger stripe fabric, scarlet piping and the embroidered F-16 fighter aircraft give this Air Force Christmas stocking a very unique visual appeal.

The Marine stocking is made from desert digital fabric (MARPAT). This uniform fabric includes the Marine Corps EG&A emblem printed in the fabric. The Marine Christmas stocking is designed to become a special keepsake of Marines, former Marines, family and friends who love the Marine Corps.

The Army Camo stocking has been updated becuase of the Army's transition from the their ACU uniform fabric to this new camo pattern uniform it is becoming more recognized by the public.  The stocking is trimmed in scarlet piping with the “reverse American flag” embroidered on the stocking pocket. Above the pocket is the embroidered “U.S. ARMY” service tape.

The Navy Camosock is crafted from the NWU digital uniform fabric. It is trimmed in scarlet piping and features the Navy’s “ACE” (Anchor, Constitution & Eagle) emblem embroidered on the stocking pocket.



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