The Memphis Belle Home at Last by Menno Duerksen

Here is the story of the most famous plane of World War II, The Memphis Belle, named by the pilot to honor a Southern girl whose wartime love story will never die.  Gregory Peck starred in Twelve O'Clock High, the movie based on the dramatic tale.  The King and Queen of England made a royal visit to see the fable plane and meet her crew. William Wyler, noted Oscar-winning Hollywood director, made a spectacular War Department film on the Belle for distribution through the nation's movie houses. Now comes the Memphis Belle book to reveal the shattering reality of an air war over Europe and the poignant struggle of America's winged warriors when they came home to rebuild their lives. It tunes your heartbeat to the mighty roar of engines and the skull shattering vibrations of machinegun battles fought in the icy air of high altitudes. "Will it ever end?" a crewman wrote in his diary after another deadly encounter with swarming enemy fighter planes spitting death in a sky filled with bursting anti-aircraft whizzing steel fragments. 

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