B-2 Display Model

The Northrop Grumman B-2 is a twin-seater uniquely shaped airplane that made its first appearance in 1989. Designed as an all-altitude attacker and stealth bomber with specialization on nuclear attacks, it was indeed only rational that the aircraft is equipped with all possible new technology. This means that the B-2 aircraft is probably the most expensive project ever commissioned by the US government. Its first mission in Serbia however, was only to drop traditional bombs. After that though, the B-2 aircraft was commissioned to take part in Iraq and Afghanistan skirmishes. Armed with an assortment of bombs like M-82s, M-84s, B61s and B83s among others, the Grumman B-2 has been slowly proving that it's definitely worth every penny.

Wingspan: 12 in inches
Length: 4.8 inches
Scale: 1/171

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